Open Gensets

For open type, the diesel genset will be much easier to maintenance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.

Generator set feature: 

Engine Features: 

  • Diverse products with full specifications
  • Compact structure
  • Reliable and steady performance

Generator Set Electrical Features: 

  • Working cycle: Four-strokes
  • Combustion model: Direct injection
  • Starting way: DC Batteries
  • Cooling way: Radiator with fan & water tank

The Electrical Performance of Diesel Generator Sets 

  • Power factor: 0.8(lagging)
  • Connection way: Three phase four lines
  • Ambient temperature: -40C~52C
  • Steady voltage regulation rate: ± 1%; Transient voltage regulation rate: +20~-15%
  • Steady frequency regulation rate: ± 1%; Transient frequency regulation rate: +10~–7%
  • Voltage fluctuation rate: 0.5%
  • Frequency fluctuation rate: 0.5%


Generator set coupled AC Alternator 

  • Standard brands: Etone, Leroysomer
  • Optional brands: Marathon\Stamford
  • Excitation method: Brushless self-excitation
  • Isolation grade: H
  • Protection grade: IP21-IP23
  • Electromagnetic interference: THF<2%, TIF<50

Control System for generator set unit 

  • Standard matching brands: Harsen and Comap
  • Optional brands: Smartgen, Deep sea
  • LED/Graphics/meters indicate unit running parameters
  • High water temperature, low oil pressure, low speed, over speed and others alarm and protected
  • Automatically start switching when the main power service fails(optional)
  • Multi-gensets with automatic parallel connection control module(optional)
  • Functions of remote control interface, remote control, remote test and remote signal(optional)







Cummins Diesel Generator Set is a set of complete equipment for electrical power supply. Cummins engines, high quality alternators and advanced full automatically control system are produced through strict test, which together provides reliable power no matter as standby, prime or continuous use.

Technical Specification for Standard Gen Set:
Gen-set adopt 3 phases& 4 lines output, with output 400V/230V, Frequency 50Hz/60Hz, Power factor 0.8, Neutral point to earth and protective performance complies with NEMA1 and IP22 standard.

Power Factor: 0.8(lagging)
Protection Standard: IP21-IP23
Model of Connection: 3 phase 4 lines
Insulation Grade: H
Frequency Drop (%): ≤ 0.5
Transient state frequency deviation (%): (advertised power) +10~-7
Frequency Recovery Time(S): ≤ 3
Voltage Recovery Time(S): ≤ 4
Waveform Distortion (%): ≤ 5

  • High fuel efficiency: Fewer fuel consumption at leading level than other competitive products.
  • The turbocharger with waste gated design: Optimizes operation across the torque curve resulting in excellent low-end torque.
  • Compacted yet durable and dependable engine: Cummins engines contain up to 40% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class. This results in a better power-to-weight ratio, a less chance of failure and lower repair cost.
  • Advanced design and manufacturing: Make the engine delivers superior performance and lower cost than competitive engines.
  • Excellent cold start performance: Optional assistant cold starter with improved 6.6KW starter and intake air heater.
  • Excellent performance and advantage: Adopt advanced design to achieve higher horsepower and lower weight.