Diesel Generators Data Sheets

  • The leader in power generators market
    The leader in power generators market
    Future Power International FZE is a major provider for all kinds of diesel generators in UAE, GCC and Africa. for more information leave us a message and we will get back to you as fast as we can.
  • Big Collection of Diesel Generators
    Big Collection of Diesel Generators
    Future Power International FZE offers a great variety of diesel generators to match what you need, if you can't find what you need in the available list below, please send us a message and tell us what you need.

Future Power International FZE provides all ranges for Perkins (UK) diesel generators. Open and canopy type. All in stock Our assembly line produces the whole range of diesel generating sets, from 8 to 2000KVA, custom-built units for various applications and climates.

Future Power International FZE Quality Control team makes sure that each item sold to a customer is properly tested and accompanied by checklists, maintenance books, spare parts listing, certificates and manuals. Each unit leaving our assembly line is given an international warranty of 12 months for all parts.

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FPI 13.1P

FPI 20.3P





FPI 101.4P

FPI 142P

FPI 150P

FPI 200P

FPI 250P

FPI 300P

FPI 350P

FPI 400P

FPI 455P

FPI 500P

FPI 600P

FPI 660P

FPI 725P

FPI 750P

FPI 800P

FPI 1000P

FPI 1250P

FPI 1500P

FPI 2250P